Nutrition was an unlikely career choice for Alison Wright, founder of Alimentary. Working in advertising, manufacturing and newspapers for years, like many people Alison ate and drank whatever she wanted and didn’t exercise. Ever. Gradually, the toll on her body increased; she felt tired, became easily stressed, and would frequently catch colds and circulating bugs.

Fed up, Alison started to make changes in her life. She started exercising, stopped smoking, took up yoga and started to become interested in nutrition. It wasn’t long before Alison made the connection between good nutrition and feeling healthy and full of energy.

Understanding how hard it is to change habits, and as living proof that it is never too late to turn things around, Alison became an advocate for healthier living and above all; nutrition. Through Alimentary, Alison helps her clients learn how to eat well for the rest of their lives without having to diet, count calories or take large amounts of supplements. She has no standard formula because everyone’s needs are different. All nutritional plans and coaching are tailored to the individual’s specific needs.

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