Nutritional Consultation

At Alimentary, it is not about counting calories, paleo, Atkins, 5:2, low fat, low carb or any other kind of diet. It is not about restriction or good and bad foods. Our philosophy lies in teaching our clients how to eat to nourish their bodies and improve their overall sense of health and wellbeing. We create a personalised nutrition plans, tailored specifically to clients’ needs.

We help our clients to:
Lose weight and
Maintain a healthy weight
Strengthen your immune system
Handle stress more effectively
Balance blood sugar and improve energy levels
Improve digestion and gastro-intestinal issues
Boost overall health

First Consultations are 45 minutes - 1 hour, followed up with detailed action plan by email
$115 incl GST
Follow up Consultations: 30 – 40 minutes  
$75 incl GST

Nutritional Workshops

We facilitate 1 hour nutrition workshops that provide simple, practical ideas on how to improve diet and health. These sessions are interactive with puzzles, demonstrations, food preparation and tastings. We aim to clear up the misinformation and confusion around what constitutes good nutrition by providing participants with the tools and information they will need to start making better nutritional choices in their lives.

We can develop workshops on specific topics as required. Workshops cover subjects such as:
Basic principles for a healthy diet
Sugar and Fat – the facts
Healthy Snacks     Wholefoods
Maintaining Energy Levels
Boosting immunity

Corporate Health and Wellbeing

We specialise in Health and Wellbeing programs specifically tailored to the needs of your workforce. Whether it is a series of educational, interactive nutrition workshops or a 12 week health and wellbeing program, our team of dedicated professionals are passionate about helping people to reach their full potential and improve their physical resilience, health and sense of wellbeing.

Health is just as important as safety in creating a more engaged workforce and a happier, more productive working environment. A healthier workforce leads to a safer workplace. At Alimentary we like putting the ‘Health’ into ‘Workplace Health and Safety’.

Alimentary has previously created a comprehensive 12 week Health and Wellbeing program developed specifically for Fairfax media at its Tullamarine print site which was awarded runner up in the National Safety awards for Health and Wellbeing, and delivered impressive results:
Of 54 people who started the program, 51 completed it.
Between them they lost 2.22 meters from their waist
143 kg lost in total
1580 visits to the gym
198 bio years younger
Consumption of filtered water increased by 25%
Sick leave down 12.5% year on year – a great result considering the imminent closure of the plant.